WLS iodine-free Multivitamin with iron, 120 vegetable capsules

WLS iodine-free Multivitamin with iron, 120 vegetable capsules

Please note that the label of this package is in German. Please contact us if you need information in English.

Because many of our customers needed help, we developed the WLS Multivitamin: an easy WLS Vitamin that is easy on your sensitive stomach and is also affordable. A highly dosed multivitamin without iodine.

Also; there is no mandatory subscription.

WLS iodine-free Multivitamin with iron, 120 vegetarian capsules

A multivitamin having:

  • Vitamin D3 750% of the recommended intake
  • Certified Vitamin K2 (EFSA, VitaMK7)
  • 15 mg of iron per capsule
  • High in antioxidants such as vitamin C, E and zinc
  • Without magnesium stearate or silica, just rice and vegetable fibers as a filler
  • Vegetarian capsules
  • Suitable for, for example, Hashimoto and Hyperthyreose (Graves) patients. 

At WLS Products we use our WLS vitamins and minerals ourselves. We want to keep our good health.

We have employees of 18 years old, but also of 80 years old, whom we like to see in good health. And of course we take good care of our children too.

Advantages of WLS multivitamin

  • High dose B vitamins, but reduced B6

  • High dose vitamin D3

  • Including vitamin K2

  • Without iron, due to the possible stomach complaints we sometimes hear from customer using supplements with iron

  • No nasty (after)taste 

  • Very price-friendly

1 pill a day

We have been looking for an easy multivitamin for a long time, which is good on the stomach and also affordable! And in a good dose so that we do not have to take 6 pills a day.

That is why we have developed our own WLS Multivitamin. This is a special capsule where we have taken into account large quantities of vitamins and minerals and low vitamin B6 levels.

WLS Multivitamin in capsule or WLS multivitamin chewable tablets

Our capsules are quickly absorbed and can be taken with a glass of water.

Are you looking for a good, affordable and well-studied multivitamin? Then you can get 1 capsule per day.

We listen to your wishes

We are always looking for an even better version of a nutritional supplement and are happy to adjust the dosage to the latest insights into the field of science.

But also; We listen to the wishes of our customers.

Magnesium stearate in dietary supplements?

For example, there is a discussion about the use of magnesium stearate in dietary supplements. The quality of these supplements would be bad or the product could be less absorbable.

WLS does not want to be at risk and in addition; Customers tell us that they do not want any foreign fillers in their dietary supplements.

We have, for example, gone on rice as a filler. That is why our multivitamin is also called 'Pure'.

In addition, our capsules are of plant based material.


Contents: 120 capsules

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